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For years you've managed to get by with the way that you do business. Why go the trouble and expense of an office computer network?

  • Sharing Office Resources  —  The way that your office shares Internet Access, Information, Files, Faxing, Office Printers. Each one of these aspects of an office carries its own cost in productivity.

    • Fast & Secure File Sharing with a dedicated computer network can improve the way that your office works. What if your office employees could open a web page with a secure list of office documents, and by clicking on a document name open up a Word Document, Excel Spreadsheet, or PowerPoint file?

    • Printer Pooling or Sharing to avoid purchasing a printer for each and every computer. (Or worse yet, two printers for each computer - one color & laser!)

    • Send & Receive Faxes from your Desktop PC rather than printing out a page just for the purpose of turning right around and sending it as a fax! Not only can you fax from your PC, but you can even route faxes by email!

    • Share the Internet in a Secure way - with a built-in firewall in your network server. Protect the entire network from the server by using it to route the Internet Connection.

    • Email, Shared Calendar & Shared Task Lists enable the office personnel to work more closely together. Tasks and appointments can be easily managed on your computer network.

  • E-mail, Networking, and Internet Connectivity  —  Internet access is a must for small businesses in today’s marketplace. Windows Small Business Server 2003 has everything a business needs to take advantage of Internet connectivity.  The out-of-the-box tools provide a manageable solution for shared access to the Internet, a firewall to help protect your local network, Internet e-mail based on Exchange Server, and productivity tools such as Outlook Web Access and the Remote Web Workplace to help users continue to work and collaborate from any computer with Internet access.

  • Small Business Intranet with Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services Windows Small Business Server 2003 provides a preconfigured internal website based on Windows SharePoint Services.  Using this intranet site, commonly called the 'CompanyWeb, co-workers can share information in a collaborative environment.  This site includes shared document libraries, announcements, events, and links.

  • Remote Access To accommodate an increasingly mobile work force, Windows Small Business Server 2008 includes the new Remote Web Workplace, a Web site for remote users that provides access to e-mail, remote desktops, the company’s internal website, and remote server management capabilities for Administrators. Windows Small Business Server 2008 also includes virtual private network (VPN) capabilities that are easy to set up and use through the Remote Access Wizard.

  • Mobility Windows Small Business Server 2008 provides a compelling mobile user solution that enables users to access their e-mail, schedule, calendar, and task information using their cell phones and other portable devices (Pocket PC Phone) when they are away from the office.  This feature is built on the Exchange Server 2008 Outlook Mobile Access (OMA) feature.  Windows Small Business Server 2003 simplifies the set up and configuration of the portable devices.

  • Monitoring and Reporting Windows Small Business Server 2003 provides enhanced tools that enable technology consultants and business owners to monitor server activity and receive performance and usage reports in e-mail or online. The monitoring and reporting tools can be used to ensure that the server remains healthy and can help reduce downtime by enabling you to respond quickly when issues arise. These tools help increase business productivity and customer satisfaction.

  • Backup and Restore Windows Small Business Server 2003 offers an integrated backup solution that helps technology providers and novice administrators develop their backup strategy, prepare complete backups, and restore the entire server and all of the data that was backed up. This backup solution also provides a reminder for the onsite tape changer and reports the success or failure of each backup operation via e-mail.

  • Fax Server Windows Small Business Server 2003 comes complete with a desktop fax server! Send and receive faxes right from your desktop. Plus - incoming faxes can be received via email in addition to being printed out automatically on which ever printer you designate. Faxes can be posted on the CompanyWeb for easy viewing.

  • Two Editions Available Choose the right edition for your business.  Windows Small Business Server 2003 is available in two editions: Standard and Premium

    • The Standard edition includes Microsoft Windows Server 2008 technologies, fax service, firewall service, remote access, Microsoft Exchange Server 2003, and an out-of-the-box solution for internal websites.

    • The Premium edition includes everything in the standard edition plus Microsoft SQL Server 2008, Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Serve, and Microsoft applications for advanced firewall and web-caching needs.

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